Zion Zoo Stories


Billy Bison Goes Bad

Zion Zoo Stories presents another venture into the lives of the inhabitants of Zion Zoo. The characters here parallel us, as we sometimes stray from our walk with God. Throughout it all, there is always a way to turn things around as we are shown through God’s Word, the right way to live. Follow along with your child as Billy finds out that, even though we are basically good, we can be influenced if we hang around the wrong people (or animals) and get caught up in the works of darkness. Of course we can always get back on track by asking God for forgiveness and turning our lives around.
God bless you as you delve into another adventure from Zion Zoo Stories.
Mr. Dennis


This is a companion book for the Zion Zoo Stories, “Billy Bison Goes Bad”. It includes the original drawings of the complete book in black and white for coloring. There are also some word search pages including Zion Zoo characters, animal food, and Angel’s favorite things to do.

God bless you as you delve into another adventure from Zion Zoo Stories.
Mr. Dennis

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Jerry Giraffe Gets Fat

Jerry Giraffe Gets Fat is the first book in Zion Zoo Stories that highlights a principle that God wants us to live by. We should all listen to what God tells us through his scriptures and live by them.

Luke 6:31 “And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise.”


Parents are not The Enemy

This is an interactive story where you pick the location, the characters and walk through the things that happen in this adventure. You may also learn that Parents are not the Enemy.

(Eph 6:1 KJV)  “Children, obey your parents in the Lord: for this is right.”



Background of Author: Dennis A. Crumrin
My wife and I were involved in Children’s Church for over 25 years. I was the leader and my wife was an expert puppeteer.  We did not use the regular church curriculum. Each week God would give me a scripture to work with and then inspire me to create ways to inspire in the kids what God was trying to teach them. I would usually create a theme with different methods to ensure the kids would remember.  I might have a fun, scripture learning game, a puppet skit, a song or two and then before the class was over I would have a story about some of the animals and characters of Zion Zoo or any other story that God would put in my head. I was Mr. Dennis, the Head Zookeeper. Ashton and Kaylin were assistant Zoo Keepers. And of course there were all of the animals. Each week one or more of the animals or people would embark on life’s adventures and learn from their experiences at Zion Zoo.
I have kept several of the stories that I used and my desire was to recreate an atmosphere in these books, that adults could either read or act out the stories to their children, and of course, so the kids could read them for themselves.
I hope you enjoy these books, and I especially pray that God will use them to touch the hearts of people everywhere.
God Bless You,
Dennis A. Crumrin (Mr. Dennis)


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